Fine Art Commercial

Our technical expertise and knowledge of commercial exposures allows us to underwrite a diverse range of risks including corporate collections, museums, galleries, exhibitions, dealers, and commercial artists.


Coverage Parameters

Our valuable articles portfolio consists of policies specifically designed for each major category of commercial art collections: corporate collections, museums, galleries, exhibitions, dealers, and commercial artists. Following a flexible loss limit approach, insureds can select appropriate coverage limits for premises, transit and unnamed locations, domestically and internationally. Note a $1,500 minimum premium is required. 


A Rated Carrier

Commission Schedule

Competitive Rates

Application Requirements

MarketScout Producer Agreement required along with E&O verification and respective state license. No premium volume requirements.

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Museum Collection Application Museum Collection Application
Exhibition Application Exhibition Application
Dealer Application Dealer Application
Commercial Artist Application Commercial Artist Application
Fine Art Application Fine Art Application


1What states do you write in?
Our program is available in the 48 continental states. It is not available in Alaska or Hawaii.
2What is your minimum premium?
$1000 for the commercial inland marine policy.
3Is your staff dedicated to fine art and valuable articles only or do they handle other lines of business?
We have a seasoned team of underwriters with more than 30 years of experience. All we do is underwrite fine art and valuable articles. We do not handle other classes of business. Our expertise is in underwriting this class of business. We also have experienced fine art claim specialists that work with the most experienced conservation and restoration professionals.
4Who handles the adjusting of any fine art loss?
While other companies expect their adjusters to handle a wide variety of losses, from automobile damage to personal injury, we believe objects of a rare or valuable nature need expert attention. Our Fine Art claims specialists not only know the right questions to ask, they know where to go for the right answers. When an object is damaged, whether it's a Remington bronze or an Old Master drawing, our first priority is to minimize any further loss in value. To accomplish this, we employ only the most experienced conservation and restoration professionals and manage their processes to ensure exceptional results.
5Does your policy cover mysterious disappearance and breakage?
Yes, these two important perils are covered. Many policies do not cover these perils. Our policy is one of the broadest in the market place and compares favorably against the competition.
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