E & S Brokerage

Our E&S provides solutions for your hard-to-place exposures and specialty coverage lines.  We have expertise in the following areas construction, manufacturing, distributor, foreign placement.  We offer a broad range of coverage options for our areas of expertise which include:




General Liability 

Product Liability

Product Recall


Foreign Liability


Coverage Parameters

Our carriers have the ability to write on both occurrence and claims made policy forms. Depending on the class of business we can offer up to $10,000,000, limits of liability from a single carrier, and if needed build towers up to $50,000,000. Some first dollar coverage depending on the class. Surplus lines handled in-house. $2,500 Minimum Premium.



Since the products we offer are specialized and varies greatly by type of industry, we utilize many different insurers, all of whom are Best’s rated A VII or better.

Commission Schedule

10% minimum subject to markets

Application Requirements

Submission Requirements:

Acord Application

5 years of Loss runs 

Supplemental Applications

No applications available.


1What Supplemental Should I complete
Please complete a rapid reservation with a detailed description of operations. Once we received this we can provide you with the most appropriate supplemental for your insured.
2Can you write new Ventures
Yes, our markets can entertain new ventures. We will need a copy of the insured resume showing prior work experience.
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