Animal Mortality

This facility was established in 1990 specifically to insure reproductive and show animals owned by enthusiast or as a livelihood. 

Coverage is available on an admitted basis in Continental U.S., excluding AK and HI. Annual and short-term, first-dollar and deductible schedule policies are offered for all types of species including Equine, Bovine, Camelids, Cervids, Exotic, and Working Canine. 


Coverage Parameters

Base policy offers first dollar coverage. Occurrence and self-insured retention policies are available. Coverage limits of up to $1.0M per animal – admitted basis and excess of $1.0M limits – surplus basis is available.

Additional insured coverage available for partnerships, lessors, and lenders with ownership interest in the risk. In addition to Mortality, including Humane Destruction and limited Theft coverage, Emergency Colic Surgery is included for animals subject to colic disorders. We also offer optional covers to tailor an individual’s insurance needs with limited peril or accidental mortality, medical and/or surgical, loss of use, stallion infertility, prospective foal, barrenness, elective surgery, international transit (beserck), and worldwide territorial extension.


Domestic U.S. admitted carriers A-VII or better and foreign Surplus Underwriter with Lloyd’s financial security to help satisfy market requirements.

Commission Schedule

Competitive Rates

Application Requirements

Producer Agreement required along with E&O verification and respective state license. No premium volume requirements.

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Canine Application Canine Application
Cattle Mortality Application Cattle Mortality Application
Horse Mortality Application Horse Mortality Application


1What is the average turnaround time?
Binding within minutes with a completed submission application and approved qualifying pre-purchase, veterinarian certificate or statement of health. Online policy issuance within days of the completed submission.
2What is your minimum premium?
Policy minimum premium, not inclusive of additional covers: Equine Mortality - $250; Bovine, Exotic & Canine Mortality - $150.
3Can you provide finance options and direct bill payment plans?
Direct bill is not available. All policies issued Agency bill with installment options of annual, semi-annual, and quarterly with no installment fees. MS can also provide agents or clients assistance with premium finance options if interested.
4What types of animal risks do you write?
All Breeds and Uses - Pleasure, Breeding, Show, Sport of Horses, Cattle, and specified Exotics. Dogs of various breeds used for police, drug, detection, bomb, service including seeing-eye, cancer, epilepsy, etc., and regularly showing in AKC, Schutzhund, or German Conformation.
5What is required for proof of insurable interests and health insurability?
Ownership interests are established by the purchase price, ownership or breeding syndication, or lease interest in an animal. Registration, transfers of ownership, and purchase contracts also establish ownership. Risk health insurability is established via veterinarian's pre-purchase exam (PPE), a veterinarian health certificate (VC), or insures statement of health (SOH) representations per the company's guidelines.
6What is the average risk values and the maximum limits written under the Program?
Average values in today's market is around $35,000. The Program accepts limits from $1,000 to $1.0M per animal in its admitted facility and excess of $1.0M up to total insured value of $2.0M in its surplus facility.
7Is the program written on an admitted or surplus lines basis?
The program is written on both admitted and surplus lines basis. Admitted carrier partner is QBE - writing in 48 continental states including the District of Columbia. AK and HI are excluded. Surplus Lines partner is Lloyd's Brit Syndicate.
8What specie and use examples of risks fit in the admitted market vs. the surplus lines market?
Program eligibility in the admitted carrier include Equine, Bovine, 4-H & FFA Show livestock; Cervids, Camelids, Exotics, and Canine. Uses include (Equine) show, breeding, pleasure, and sport; (Bovine) breeding and show; (Camelids, Cervids, & Exotics) breeding and show; (Canine) working and service uses. Eligibility for the surplus lines carrier mirrors those of the admitted carriers eligibility but can provide excess capacity on risks and insure risks that may be limited under the admitted facility with similar or equal to terms and conditions.
9What are the acceptable limits of insurance for the program?
Limits up to $1.0M, on a per head basis, can be placed in the admitted facility. There may be restrictions based on specie and or use of the accounts. Limits up to $2.0M, on a per head basis, can be place in the surplus lines facility, again restrictions may apply to specific specie or use risks.
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