MarketScout offers healthcare and social services products through it's exclusive facility, Maverick Healthcare. Maverick Healthcare has solutions for unusual and mainstream risks within the healthcare sector. We have a wide range of products available, which provide various combinations of Professional Liability, General Liability, HIPPA, Cyber, Employee Theft, Hired and Non-Auto coverages. We have the ability to write defense outside limits on selected risks, as well as write GL on an occurrence basis.

Our program enables us to provide professional, general, and specialty coverage for our clients while delivering competitive pricing, terms and quick turnaround. 


Coverage Parameters

Coverage Highlights 

Professional and general liability

Cyber liability 

Sexual abuse and molestation liability

Defense outside the limits available 

First defense available


Theft of client property

Hired and non-owned auto available

Incident sensitive policy form

Minimum premiums starting at $1,000

Minimum deductibles starting at $1,000

GL - Claims made or occurrence


Healthcare Classes


Adult day care

Alcohol & drug rehabilitation

Ambulances attendant

Ambulance service non-emergency

Artificial limb fitter

Blood banks

Chiropractic Clinics

Dialysis Center

Dental labs

Dialysis centers

Durable Medical Center

Health & Wellness Screening 

Home Health Care

Hospice Lab Tech

MRI Labs

Medi Spas

Medical Clinic

Medical Director

Medical Staffing Personnel

Medical Schools

Mobile X-ray


Nurse Practitioners

Physician Assistants





Surgical Center

Urgent Care Clinics


Social Services Classes

Alcohol & Drug Rehabilitation Centers 

Crisis Pregnancy Centers

Day Schools for the Mental Health/Mental Retardation

Family Planning Centers

Group Homes

Meals on Wheels

Phone Crisis Hotlines

Referral Agency

Respite Care



Clients love convenience  and so do you.

Maverick Healthcare is the market access point for wholesalers, brokers and facilities within the healthcare industry seeking the best coverage options. Our in-house program underwriters enables us to obtain the best terms and pricing on coverage. 

Commission Schedule

Please contact to discuss commission schedule.

Application Requirements

Please contact to discuss application requirements.

Title View/Download
Social Services Application Social Services Application
Miscellaneous Healthcare Application Miscellaneous Healthcare Application
Medispa Supplemental Medispa Supplemental
Home Healthcare Application Home Healthcare Application
Clinics Application Clinics Application
Ambulance Service Application Ambulance Service Application
Adult Daycare Application Adult Daycare Application


1What classes can you write under the allied Healthcare?
Ambulance Attendant, Acupuncturists, Adult Day Care, Alcohol & Drug Rehabilitation, Ambulance Service non-emergency, Artificial limb fitter, Blood banks, Chiropractors, Dialysis Center, Durable Medical Center, Health and Wellness Screening, Home Health Care, Hospice, Lab Tech, MRI labs, Medi Spas, Medical Clinic, Medical Directors, Medical Staffing personal, Medical Schools Mobile x-ray, Optometrists, Nurses, Nurse Practitioners, Physician Assistants, Optometrists, Orthoptists, Pharmacies, Therapist, Surgical Centers, Urgent Care Clinics and other.
2What classes can you write under the Social Services?
Meals on Wheels, Shelters, Phone Crisis hotlines, Day Schools for the mental health/mental retardation, Respite Care, Referral Agency, Family Planning centers, Crisis Pregnancy Centers, Alcohol and Drug Rehabilitation with and without detox, Group Homes, Transitional Living.
3What limits are available?
We are offer up to $2M/$4M limits
4Can you offer General Liability?
Yes, we can and will have its own set of limits and we can do claims made or occurrence.
5Can you offer sexual abuse coverage?
Yes, up to $1,000,000 limit.
6Is defense inside or outside?
We can offer it both ways.
7Is employee theft included?
We can offer employee theft with a sublimit of $25,000.
8If Cyber coverage available?
Yes, it is available at a sublimit of $250,000.
9Can you offer Hired non owned auto?
Yes, we can offer it up to $1M limit. (Not available for all classes.)
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