How to Create an Account on the MarketScout Magellan System
November 1, 2022
How to View Your Submissions
November 1, 2022

How to Request Access to Your Agency


The following document will outline the process of requesting access to your agency. A single user/agent can have access to multiple agencies and access needs to be approved by the MarketScout team or your agency administrator.


  1. Login to the MarketScout Magellan platform. If you do not know how to login please check out this document
  2. On the top menu look for ‘Account’
  3. Click on the dropdown and select ‘My Profile’
  4. From the profile screen you should see a request access button. Click on request access
  5. In the pop up find the agency you want access to and your role.
  6. Click on send request

After Sending the request you may follow up with your agency administrator or call us directly to assist you with the process.