MarketScout launches MGA to target health & social services industry

MarketScout Incubates New MGA
February 20, 2018
New MarketScout MGA targets health care industry
February 22, 2018
MarketScout partners with wingman to offer agents access to cyber coverage

Reinsurance News | February 22, 2018

Staff Writer

National electronic insurance exchange and MGA incubator MarketScout, has announced the launch of a new MGA set to write on behalf of Lloyd’s of London syndicates with a focus on the health care and social services industry.

Michele Vincent, the lead underwriter for the MarketScout facility, said; “We have thoroughly researched the Allied Health Care market and believe we can provide underwriters with exceptionally profitable business originating from the thousands of agents that utilize the MarketScout Exchange.”

The new facility will write professional and general liability cover and target businesses such as home health care, medical staffing companies, ambulance attendants, medical spas, surgical centers, and nursing/therapist/surgical practices.

MarketScout also provides special access to agencies that employ a Certified Insurance Counselor or Certified Risk Manager.